Essay Tips From Oxford Student

So first off is the pre reading now at Oxford we get big long list sometimes up to about books long with pre reading just so you can get an idea of the amount of reader whoo greener thorns I’ve done read of the ones that I couldn’t find or have actually done that purple ombré forgot to change it and often there’s page numbers sometimes it has chapters but a lot of times it has nothing and you have to find the chapter yourself in index of the content and that’s part of the skill really so say my last birthday was on Paleolithic art which is I doing archeology and I had a big fit book about this thick and I had to spend a good minutes looking through all different contents to try and find something that’s specifically on my topic because often the chapters are quite baby names and you have to read a bit giveme debate yourself trying to find it.

So I think that’s the hardest part about the pre reading is finding exactly what you need to do and also the time you have to spend on it because it’s the most time-consuming part for example for this essay I’ve spent two full days in Manchester library while I’ve been home so I still have a lot of work to do so I’m off to the library just reading the books head about yeah probably back nine or ten and two of them I could actually find because they weren’t in the lab where they were only in the body in an Oxford which has every book ever so of course they’d be in there and but I don’t have access to that now and that’s fine and like you said we don’t have to read every book you never have to read every book unless specified because you can write an essay outside but if you back up your points well so yeah.

Well I would say is put a day at least aside maybe two to spend in the library or on your laptop and because a lot of them are online finding the reading finding your research so if you’re doing science it’s all research-based rather than reading mainly I think don’t quote me on Marcus I don’t defect but yeah and also make sure you work down every single page number that you have taken research from because for the first week or so of my essays I completely forgot to do that and have to go back when I was writing it so I could cite the page very annoying I’m much easier if you just do it when you would actually read it okay so what’s my planet okay so so plumbing is with the complete now for plums first I’m going to say is they’ll probably be most important thing you can do when you’re writing a message.

I never ever as I used to plan because I thought too time-consuming I was pretty good at writing an essay on the spot I was naturally quite able to structure my essays but that was before I got to Oxford and everyone is good at doing that so it’s quite a phenomena yet in thrown into a place where once you were always pretty pretty above average.