Five Fantastic Vacation Ideas For Edusson

Eventually students will be able to create the charts on their own on scratch paper because they can not use the graphic organizers Edusson on the test. The Star Chart, Organization Chart, and Detail Chart are easy to create. For the Rough Draft page, I teach students to draw a line 4 lines down from the top and 4 lines up from the bottom. They will use these for an introduction and conclusion. Then, I teach them to divide the middle in half for their two body paragraphs.

*During the first few times you work through the writing process, expect it to take about two weeks finish an essay through all steps. After about 3-4 times through the cycle, you know what essay writers review  students will become more independent. You can then begin working through the process in a week, and move towards working through the process in only a day. Don’t rush this. Students need mini-lessons and support along the way. Don’t think of it as “it takes two weeks to write an essay” because they aren’t only writing during that time. There are lots of lessons happening to improve their writing!

*DAY 1 STAR CHART—Present a prompt to students and model using the Star Chart. Write the topic of the prompt in the star and list writing topics that respond to the prompt around the star. I tell students that the star has 5 points and that they should stretch themselves to come up with 5 possible writing topics. Model this with your own writing and give them time to talk with a partner about things they could write about as they complete the Star Chart. Use the last 5 minutes of class to share ideas students recorded either as a class or in small groups. (40 minutes)

*DAY 2 ORGANIZATION CHART—Model choosing an idea from your Star Chart to use for writing today. I usually talk about each idea on my Star Chart and think aloud about topic sentences I could write about those ideas. For example, if the prompt was about a special person, I might have 5 people listed. I could talk about a few of the people on my personal Star Chart and two topics about each person that make them special to me. Give students time to do this with a partner. Then, have them circle the idea on their Star Chart that they want to write about. Using an idea from your Star Chart, write a central idea sentence, two topic sentences, then restate your central idea in the circles and boxes of the Organization Chart. Have students do the same while working with a partner to share ideas. Use the last 5 minutes of class to have students share their Organization Charts with the class or in small groups. (40 minutes)