Metaphors In Narration Essay

A good way to learn how to write a story that’s mainly description and it’s for question 5 of paper one of the AQA GCSE question paper although I’m sure it would fit other examples just as easily so obviously when you’re describing or writing a story you need to have your literary techniques in mind these are the descriptive ones and the reason I’m making a of this pissah right piece of writing is the metaphor in it this writer is absolutely brilliant at using metaphor excuse me and if I just looked at the metaphor I would be giving this 100% and it’s really really very very skilled anyway you need them to know these techniques and to be able to use them yourself in my previous narrative I focused on these seven skills. Look at examples of using metaphors onĀ Edusson.

And I’m going to refer back to them in this writing these will also be in the description down below so that you can use these for your revision and try these out yourself the other thing I had was some techniques that I also wanted you to notice so another five more that’s twelve techniques including so pains that I hope to be able to teach you from this brilliant bit of writing so here we go it’s writing based on a picture of a figure on a snow-covered platform with the train arriving so if you want to have a go at yourself there’s an image for you it’s not the one that prim used and but let’s leap straight in we’re going to read the beginning and the opening is the most important piece of your writing because it will teach the examiner to give you a high mark you know by the time the examiners read this much they’ve already decided what grade they want to give you as I read it see if you can spot the techniques a sliver of breath escaped his mouth momentarily forming wisps of smoke before vanishing as ephemeral as his hopes of getting home by nightfall examining his frozen joints he turned around once more and eyed at the platform still alone his isolated figure his black coat and boots were a scuff mark on the white snow that drowned the platform in its entirety.

Ok well first let’s focus on the vocabulary a sliver of breath wisps of smoke his hopes are ephemeral like the Smokies and instead of staring at the platform he eyed at it an unusual word choice so immediately the examiner is pretty impressed with the quality of vocabulary next I keep repeating in my the importance of powerful verbs and look at what he’s done here all she’s done prims got the idea of the breath escaping and then vanishing now why this is so powerful is it works as a kind of metonymy a technique where one thing represents the character so it’s the character who wants to escape and the character who wants to vanish as you will see later in the piece of writing but it’s the breath of this man that’s that’s doing the escaping and vanishing not the man himself.