A Worthwhile Goal for Society

I guess that in the back of my mind, I have always admired the lyrics from one of the songs in the movie, the Wizard of Oz.  In that song, it stated that they get up at 12:00,  and start to work at 1:00, take an hour for lunch and then at 2:00 they’re done.  Of course, this means that they don’t really need to do any work the whole day long.  That’s what it essentially means.

Throughout my life, I have been trying to incorporate this type of activity or non-activity, or rest, into my daily routines.  I’m trying to automate my work as much as possible, and then I won’t need to do as much work as I need to.  I think that this is a worthy goal for society.  

It might seem that you’re trying to be lazy, but I really don’t think that’s the case. This is because if you do not spend all your time doing work, you’re instead doing more fun things.  When you’re doing fun things, you naturally become more creative.  When you’re more creative, you actually produce more.

In that sense, even though you’re not doing arduous work, you’re still producing a lot of useful knowledge and products.  In that sense, you will have more free time.  You will also have more free time to do the things that really matter in your life and their importance to you.  For example, you have more time to spend with people.  Being with people is very important because it’s actually very fun and enjoyable sometimes if you’re spending time with the right people.  

I think that the concept put forth in that song in the Wizard of Oz is a worthwhile goal in society for which to strive.