What Is A Paragraph

A paragraph is several sentences grouped together and each paragraph should relate to one main topic a paragraph is a group of related sentences in other words that develop an idea it is rarely that a paragraph contains a single sentence all that although that also happens but for that you have to first master writing lengthy paragraphs and then want to do something more experimental like writing paragraphs in single sentences otherwise ideally speaking and for exam purposes the best way to write is to write a paragraph is in several sentences the most important principle to observe in a paragraph is its unity by this we mean that each paragraph should consist of a single idea that is what I told you a main idea generally the topic is expressed in the first sentence of a paragraph but there are times when the central idea is seen in the last sentence of a paragraph.

So pay attention if you are particularly if you are reading the first and the last sentence of a paragraph if you are writing you can come straight to the point or bring the punchline in the last sentence of a paragraph a paragraph should have logical sequence of thoughts and ideas which is very clear element a paragraph should have one single topic now look at this paragraph again this is the same paragraph taken from the writing that we have just seen on Newton please look at the slide this is Newton’s life highlighted so what we have done here is who was Newton this is one basic ideas it will give you one central idea who was Newton what did he do major work and his important work and born in this year died in this year look at now this second paragraph please read it I here I want you to identify the main idea and the supporting details for Cardinal Newman the ideal University is a community of thinkers engaging in intellectual pursuits not for any external purpose but as an end in itself and visage in a brew broad liberal education which teaches students to think and to reason and to compare and to discriminate and to analyze.

Look this is a compound sentence but very well written overuse of and doesn’t really hamper the progression of idea here it is an example of good writing Newman held that narrow minds are born of narrow specialization and is stipulated that students should be given a solid grounding in all areas of study a restricted vocational education was out of the question for him somewhat surprisingly he also espoused the view that universities should be entirely free of religious interference putting forward a circular pluralist and inclusive ideal so what is the main idea Carolyn Cardinal Newman’s concept of ideal University and then the remaining paragraphs support that what was an ideal University education for or through the perception of Cardinal new man what was his perception of a great University and good education.